Dirty Carpet?

26th May 2015

Mold problems - leave it to an expert.

25th May 2015

 What is the Difference Between Mold and Mildew?  Why Does it Matter?

What Do I  Do When it is There?  Can I Prevent It?

(By Harry Cannon, Mold Protection Services)

In earlier articles we discussed some symptoms of mold exposure, and what can be done to reduce it’s opportunity to grow.  Now I want to talk about what can be done when it is evident that mold is growing.  Many people ask me the question “what is the difference between mold and mildew, and does it matter”? Just like our children can share similar features, mold and mildew can do the same thing.  We have discussed that mold can come in a variety of colors including white, orange, red, green and black.   Both mold and mildew thrive on moist, warm areas, both indoors and outdoors. They can also each grow on virtually any surface.  Regardless, no homeowner likes to see either in his or her home. The differences in the size, color and texture of the spores can provide you with a good indication of whether they mold be mold or mildew.  White, powdery growth typically is a sign of very early spore growth and most likely to be mildew.  Mildew can usually be wiped off of the contaminated surface if caught quickly, and is less likely to result any health related issues.  Orange and red growth is more likely to be found outdoors on wood, mushrooms and other moist organic surfaces.Mold, on the other hand, can be black or green and is often the result of a much larger infestation. This type of fungus can appear almost "fuzzy", especially when it is found on food,  or even slimy in nature.  While “toxic” (usually black) mold is not common in homes that are regularly maintained, this form of mold can be dangerous to a person's health. Allergies, asthma, irritated eyes, skin rashes, headaches and even lung issues are the result of toxic mold that is breeding within a home. The key to treating mold and mildew is to wipe it out of your home immediately. Treating it accordingly will safeguard your home from permanent damage and keep you from experiencing a continual cycle of growth.  When mold growth gets to this stage, it is best to call someone knowledgeable in the proper identification, removal and treatment of these spores.
Mold Protection and Management Services is locally owned and been serving NE NC for over ten
years.  We have successfully dealt with residential and commercial issues stemming from minor interior growth ranging from attics, closets and crawl spaces to more serious growth caused by pipe breaks, roof leaks, flooding, and other issues.  We have developed relationships with area certified mold inspectors and demolition contractors when necessary to partner together to effectively mitigate the problem. Prevention, particularly this time of year, can be a key part of controlling mold growth.  You do not have to wait for growth to get bad before addressing the issue.  You can be proactive rather than reactive.  Decks, particularly composite decks, are common source of frustration for repeated growth.  MPMS offers prevention services to help minimize deck maintenance and keep things looking great for those wonderful summer outdoor experiences.
The best part for our local residents is that they do not have to call in firms from Virginia or Raleigh to address their growth issues.  However, whether it is MPMS or another firm, the most important thing is to get rid of this growth before it causes damage to your structure, your family, or both.  We can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and will be happy to answer your questions.

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Corolla Surf Report 5/25/2015 Memorial Day

25th May 2015

Great Beach Day but very small surf. I hoping that the incoming tide will help at a little juice to the knee cap high swell that we have at this posting. You will want to get your longboard out, find a well defined sandbar  and wait for the set waves. Water temp is 63 degrees Fahrenheit!! NOTE: THE COROLLA SURF ...

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Rodanthe Surf Report 5/25/2015

25th May 2015

Small & clean knee high wave this morning, E swell at around 1-2′. High tide fills in at 2:18 pm with winds expected to stay light and out of the S/SE.

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Corolla Surf Report 5/23/2015

23rd May 2015

Beautiful Memorial Day Weekend!! Not a cloud in the sky and everyone is heading for the beach. Corolla still has a wind out of the ENE and swell is out of the Northeast. But wave height is only ankle slapper to knee cap high and surface conditions are choppy. But the ENE wind has helped to keep water temps in ...

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Rodanthe Surf Report 5/23/2015

23rd May 2015

Small but clean surf this morning with waves in the knee-almost waist high range. Expecting a wind shift out of the NNE later in the morning that will chop conditions up some, high tide rolls in to a noon max.

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Corolla Surf Report 5/22/2015

22nd May 2015

We got size but we also have a strong ENE wind. This has been going on for 24 hours plus. The swell is coming into the beach at a 20 degree angle. Wave height is waist-chest + but the sections are quickly closing out. The side shore current is running north to south. NOTE: WE OFFER FREE DELIVERY FOR ANY ...

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Rodanthe Surf Report 5/22/15

22nd May 2015

N winds have begun to stir up a N wind swell in the 2-4′ range. Surf is in the waist high range with some surface chop this morning. High tide is at 11 am with winds expected to shift more Northerly later in the morning.

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Corolla Surf Report 5/21/2015

21st May 2015

This issue today is the wind. The forecast is for an SE wind but that’s not what is happening in Corolla. The wind is blowing out of the ENE and has been doing so for 24 hours. This is making for choppy surface conditions and waist high surf. The wind has pushed ocean temps up to 68 Degrees Fahrenheit: NOTE: ...

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Bic SUP One Design Series – Sunday, May 24

21st May 2015

Kick off Memorial Day weekend on the water and join Kitty Hawk Kites and Kitty Hawk Surf Co. for the Bic SUP One Design Series. This family-friendly paddleboard competition is FREE to the public to participate. Whether you’re on the water for the first time or an experienced paddler, this is a great activity for all! To sign up, meet ...

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Rodanthe Surf Report 5/21/2015

21st May 2015

Steady onshores have kicked up a small & choppy wave this am, look for knee-thigh high action with plenty of bump to it. Winds are expected to shift SE later in the day keeping the chop, high tide maxes out around 10:15 am.

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2015 Beach Styles and Trends

20th May 2015
Planning to hit the beaches of the Currituck Outer Banks this summer? If so, look cool in the heat with these latest beach styles and trends for 2015! For WomenBikini Trends High waisted bikinis, fringe and tassels are fading out of the beach scene this year and making way for a whole new style. Suits sporting multiple straps, halter top bikinis and elaborate tribal prints are popping up all over the place. ...

Corolla Surf Report 5/20/2015

20th May 2015

The On-shore wind is not hurting the surf (Yet). Wave height, on the in-coming tide is waist to chest on the faces. Water temp took a jump, we are back to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. I would find a break that works during high tide and go surfing this AM: NOTE: WE HAVE OVER 60 NEW BOARDS IN STOCK PLUS A ...

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20th May 2015
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20th May 2015
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