Lucid Collections

By: Scott Perry

“Lucid Collections” is a compelling anthology of poetry that drives deeply into the tapestry of human emotions, dreams, and the lives of those existing on the fringes of economic society. This book artfully employs poetry to convey intricate and profound sentiments. A diverse array of luminaries from various fields has significantly influenced the creation of this volume. The psychological insights provide a deep understanding of the human psyche, reflected in the nuanced portrayal of emotions in the poems. The Beat Generation’s free-spirited and non-conformist ethos echoes through the verses, capturing the essence of a rebellious spirit. Additionally, the Lost Generation’s disillusionment and quest for meaning in the post-war world resonates with the themes explored in this collection. The poems’ vivid imagery and bold expressions show the work’s raw intensity and visionary qualities. These poems are not just literary endeavors but a confluence of various influences from the Western tradition, making “Lucid Collections” a rich and multifaceted read for those interested in poetry, psychology, history, and philosophy.

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