AI-IT Warning

I have been involved in electronics before computers and started learning the ins and outs of computers when it was first started, before there was a floppy disc. I just want to give you a very short look/warning about the digital gadgets that are in use. I’ll start with the definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence): the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. As you see, in this definition, anything that is digital can be controlled because it is a robot and robots, as you may know, can do almost anything and everything. Just use a little imagination and the computer/robot will do whatever you want.

Today many things bought is computer controlled, can make your life easier and do any task faster. And, as the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. I say that because occasionally the gadget will not act the way you want it to act. It’s because its program has a flaw somewhere. I have written programs and when it does not do what I want it to do, I had to study the program again, looking for an error. It could be a comma or symbol, too much space between something, etc. Now it is easier because there are programs that can find the error for you because, today, unlike when I was writing short programs, there are thousands, millions of pages of written code for one program.

I am telling you this because the average person does not think about what goes into the workings of anything digital. All people want is the gadget to work and work correctly. Corporations want it more than us users do. Their purse strings are tied to that digital gadget. They have most digital products also programed as a data gathering device. They want to make money by selling this data, whether known or unknown to you. There have been many companies caught selling your information and not telling you that they are doing this. They also have pages upon pages of privacy information knowing you will never read it.

What all that mean is when you buy a digital tv or camera, etc. and it is Wi-Fi connected in any way, whatever you do (camera and speaker), wherever you go (location from phone, auto, go-pro camera, doorbell, security camera, etc.), someone could know and do whatever. I personally know this is true because I have accidentally listened to a baby monitor (as a shortwave radio operator) and discovered that they are so sensitive that I could hear sounds from the entire house. A computer wasn’t needed, just the correct radio frequency.

This is a warning for you to be very careful where these gadgets are placed and what you do and say, even if you think you have privacy. Remember, your car is computerized and have speakers and cameras. Your watch, your security system, your tv, anything electronic and digital will tell on you and maybe someone one mile away or thousands of miles away may be gathering this information of you to use for their own benefit. Be careful. Be very careful.