Be able to readily access weapons- or why have them?


Helping someone shore up their home defense measures, a story from childhood pops into the old conscious.

One night, there was a bunch of noise coming from our back door.

It was deafening, and it woke up most of the family.

Dad started turning on all the lights in the house, and suddenly, the noise stopped.

We went back to bed that night and did not think much of it until the next day.

The next day, we went to the door where we heard the noise.

It was the middle of winter, and there were large footprints in the snow at the door.

We followed the footprints through our backyard and up to the main road, where they eventually disappeared.

We see these footprints in the snow and knowing a man at the back door trying to get in, terrified us.

For some reason, we were not as afraid that night hearing all the banging on the door.

Nevertheless, seeing the footprints in the snow scared the heck out of a 7-year-old.

Our family was lucky since by just turning on the house’s lights, the would-be intruder was scared away.

Still, here is something else- Dad owned several guns, but he is not nearly as obsessed as this writer.

A firearms environment was very ordinary; the firearms were secured and in an office closet.

Firearms were not in a safe in the bedroom or anywhere where they could easily be accessed.

Mistake? Maybe? – Dad’s time vs. our time? Well, maybe -maybe not? The 1960s had its share of criminals, but not like today-always judge people based on the times, not by what is happening today?

The homeowner needs two rapid-access safes by the nightstand. (a backup in case the first one does not open.)

In those safes are weapons the family is familiar with using.

The wife also has a rapid-access safe on her side of the bed. She has maybe a Glock 19 in it.

Like Dad growing up, it does not matter how many guns own if the guns cannot access fast enough when someone is trying to kick in the back door.

The hope is every household has a gun (or at least some weapon) within a foot or two of you, so you can reach it easily while in bed.

If kids are in the house; make sure the gun is safe and open quickly.

Enjoy every day, and hopefully do not involve anyone trying to break into the house.

Train safe – Train honestly


Source: Jason Hanson