Children make our lives complete and sometimes save our lives too!

Do all children have the wherewithal to do this-

It was 1 a.m. when a 12-year-old boy and his grandmother suddenly heard two men kicking down their door.

The two men were armed and wearing masks.

The boy ran for a gun in the house to protect his family.

The two men said they were there for the money, and when they did not get any, they shot the boy’s grandmother.

Right after that, the boy came back with a gun and started firing on the intruders.

Both intruders immediately fled as they received fire.

One The intruders died from gunshot wounds not too far from the house, and the other intruder got away.

Fortunately, the grandmother did not have any life-threatening injuries, and she would be just fine.

A pretty darn good outcome, right?

The young man saved himself and his grandma, and they are all going to be okay.

Reading this story will make us look forward to when we can genuinely train our kids on firearms.

Since getting married later in life and leaving the job, children are still young, and the oldest is only 8.

Right now, we do a bit of training with a BB gun and a Ruger 10/22 rifle.

However, they are not old enough or mature enough to leave a gun around the house yet.

However, if children or grandchildren are mature enough, take them to the range and train them under an adult or certified instructor’s supervision.

Again, BB guns and .22 rifles are a great place to start. Airsoft guns are another excellent and inexpensive idea.

We always think that it will be us who “saves the day” during a home invasion, and most likely, it will be.

However, we never know when an adequately trained child could be the difference-maker in a potentially deadly home invasion.

So, train the children in our local orbit to be responsibly armed (future) gun owners-

Train yourself in the area of improvised weapons or anything that gives you an unfair advantage. Even something like this lock made from a simple fork  

If you ever experience a home invasion, you will understand, Why! 

Train Safe – Train honestly
Source: Jason Hanson