Don’t forget- the survival food has to be cooked too!



Preppers can have all the survival food in the world-

However, if someone does not have a way to cook it, they are up the creek without a paddle.

Just ask numerous Texans who had no way to cook food when they had the blackout.

People need multiple ways to cook the family’s food storage if the grid is down and there is no power.

Let’s expand on these ways we cook today, so all of us, too, can have plenty of backup options.

The first and easiest way to cook some survival food is using a propane stove.

The Coleman Single-Burner propane stove is lightweight and easy to carry around.

a Stansport propane stove may be right, which is still relatively portable.

And then do not forget one of the large Camp Chef stoves that weigh a ton.

Of course, we need to have plenty of propane too, both the 20-gallon tanks and small green canisters.

Cooking survival food is over a fire as follows:

Have a portable fire pit with a grate in the backyard.

Throw some logs on the fire and boil water, cook food, and whatever else we need to do.

The fire pit did not cost that much, only about $60 at Home Depot.

Moreover, finally, have generators:

A solar generator.

A propane generator.

And a gas generator.

Let us not forget the old electric “hot plate stove” that my generators can easily power.

Plug the hot plate into the generator and can cook food as if we had standard electricity.

So, there we have it-

A good prepper needs plenty of ways to cook survival food when the lights go out.