Forgotten Legends Series: Michael D. Echanis



Michael Echanis served his country with distinction as a Vietnam veteran and military trainer. Born in 1947, Echanis joined the military at a young age and was deployed to Vietnam as a member of the United States Army.

During his time in Vietnam, Echanis distinguished himself as a brave and skilled soldier, earning several awards and decorations for his service. After his tour of duty ended, Echanis returned home and eventually left the military to pursue a career as a trainer.

Echanis became known as an expert in close combat and hand-to-hand fighting. He spent much of his post-military career teaching these skills to soldiers, law enforcement officers, and civilians. He developed his own martial arts system, called “Defendo,” and wrote several books on the subject.

Echanis also worked as a consultant and advisor to various government agencies and private organizations. He was often called upon to provide his expertise on military and law enforcement training issues.

Echanis was highly respected throughout his career for his knowledge and skill in close combat and hand-to-hand fighting. He was recognized for his contributions to the military and law enforcement community, and his work impacted how these groups trained and prepared for combat.

Echanis passed away in 1978, but his legacy lives on through the many soldiers, law enforcement officers, and civilians who have benefited from his training and expertise. He will always be remembered as a dedicated and highly skilled military veteran and trainer.