SPCA May 2020

Many shelters have been actively advocating adoptions and foster programs. The reason is two-fold: it helps to reduce overcrowding and it provides much needed companionship to our community as well as homes for the animals in the shelter. The good news is that it is working beyond our wildest dreams! It has always been well-founded that having a companion animal reduces stress while providing their owners with longer, healthier and happier lives. Our animals are ready and willing to test that theory!

In this time of uncertainty, we are looking to pets for many reasons: reduce stress and boredom, the need to exercise, a companion for the children or simply to have a loving and calm presence while we Shelter-in-Place. Whatever the reasons, we are thrilled to see that our community is helping the shelter and its animals by providing their families with four-legged, big hearted, cuddly reasons to get up in the morning.

Throughout this Self Distancing, our shelter in Elizabeth City has continued to adopt and foster, while watching our in-house numbers decrease to a manageable amount. If you view our Facebook page, SPCA of Northeastern NC, you will see the posts of our happy animals with their adopted or foster families.

When isolation reduces our much needed contact with friends and family, having a companion animal at home helps to fill the long hours, provides a warm body in the house while pushing us to make changes in our lives: like walking the dog! Having a cat or dog also provides a sense of security and purpose.

It has been suggested that we should use this time to develop new interests, take up a hobby or complete unfinished projects but more importantly, fill this time with something that will improve us; body and soul. What better way to nourish your soul than fostering or adopting an animal who has been discarded for no other reason than inconvenience. A precious dog who was driven 10 miles from home and dumped. A kitty cat whose family left her behind. What better way to nurture your soul than to provide a loving home for a companion animal?

Having an animal teaches young and old alike the importance of compassion and responsibility. It also teaches us that love is unconditional and friendship is an arms length away.

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