The Lost Principle


The lost principle once held dear

Was care, knowledge, and will But now it seems to have disappeared And all we’re left with is the chill

Of a world that’s lost its way Where people don’t stop to think They just go through the motions each day Ignoring the principles that used to link

Us together, make us strong But now it’s all gone wrong We’ve forgotten how to care And knowledge is something rare

We’re too busy just trying to survive To take the time to truly thrive And will, the fire that once burned bright Has been extinguished in the night

But it’s not too late; we can turn it around We can rediscover the lost principle, profound We can start by showing care And seeking knowledge everywhere

We can reignite the will within And begin to live life with a grin So let’s bring back the lost principle, dear And once again, live with care, knowledge, and will for all to be clear.