Why Meadow Died

by Bernie Walker

Andrew Pollack admitted in his recently published book” Why Meadow Died” that he barely completed High School. Pollack bootstrapped himself and became a successful businessman who teamed up with educational expert Max Eden to find out why his daughter Meadow was killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018, by Nikolas Cruz.

Most would expect to hear a screaming denouncement of the NRA, vast-right wing conspiracies, and gun nut zealots. Still, Pollack studied all of the facts, and the problem was the whole Broward County School System aided and abetted by the local government.

Cruz had severe psychological problems all through his life and was placed in a particular school where he should have stayed. Number crunching and efforts by the school government to limit the number of school suspensions and other indications of disciplines led him to be mainstreamed back into a regular high school. No doubt, mainstreamed by some well-intention do-gooder.

A Grand jury investigated the school board and used terms like gross mismanagement, apparent ineptitude, and corruption to describe the situation.

Pollack’s well-documented analysis of this tragedy fills his entire book.

 Anyone who has school-age children or who owns guns or has even a passing interest in events like this ought to read ” Why Meadow Died.” In many ways, the book shows what is wrong with runaway government on all levels. and who benefits? 

Book available at Page After Page in Elizabeth City