3 rifle doodads you need for home and property defense by Jason Hanson



Do you suffer from Rifle Envy?

I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I do.

I’ll have a customer come to a shooting course that looks like a cross between Robocop and Rambo.

They’ll have thousands of dollars worth of contraptions on their AR and a chest rig full of 30-round magazines prepared to take down a small country. (God bless America.)

I often find out they recently purchased the AR and haven’t even had a chance to shoot it yet.

And that some fellow at a gun store sold them the whole enchilada of accessories, and they aren’t even sure what they need.

Well, as a gear junkie myself, I’m all for doodads, as long as they make sense and you know how to use them.

But, when it comes to your AR-15, there are really only 3 accessories you need to keep the bad guys at bay.

First, you need to have a light.

If you use your AR for home defence, light is a no-brainer if you prefer to see what you’re shooting at.

What type of light?

I’d avoid lights made explicitly for an AR that come with switches, wires, or pads.

Instead, keep it simple.

Go on Amazon and buy a flashlight mount. A 1-inch mount will do the trick for most lights.

You put your steady handheld light in the mount and then attach it to your rails, and you’re in business.

So, that’s accessory number one – a light to see your threat. 

Number 2 is a sling.

What for?

Well, it allows your hands to be free if you need to do something, such as a transition to a handgun.

It also helps with stability for longer-range shots.

If you get a sling, you can get a 1-point or 2-point. It’s a personal preference. (I prefer a 2-point.)

Just don’t be an el-cheapo on the sling.

Buy once and buy right. Companies like Magpul and Wilderness Giles make suitable slings.

Lastly, get some optics.

I prefer a red dot, and a few solid companies are Trijicon, Eotech, Aimpoint and Sig Sauer.

There you have it, 3 simple accessories for your rifle.

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Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Former CIA Officer

Editor, Spy & Survival Briefing

Editor, Black Bag Confidential