Lyft driver stops two carjackers (one armed with shotgun) by Janson Hanson


A Lyft driver in Philadelphia minded his own business while driving to the next person he would pick up…

When suddenly, his vehicle was hit from behind.

The Lyft driver got out of his car to see the damage, and two guys hopped out of the car that rear-ended him.

One of the guys had a shotgun and they demanded the Lyft driver’s car.

Except, the Lyft driver was carrying concealed at the time, and he thankfully ignored the company’s foolish “no weapons” policy.

The driver shot both of the carjackers in the chest, and they took off running and were later arrested by police.

The Lyft driver who acted quickly and decisively was unharmed.

Keep in mind that getting rear-ended is a well-known setup to get you out of the car, so carjackers can get you.


In fact, a while back, I was in Florida and someone rear-ended me.

I did slow down but I was looking around to see who was driving and to see if any other vehicles were acting suspicious.

All looked well and I eventually pulled over to the side of the road and so did the person who hit me.

It was a woman who was pretty much terrified that her husband was going to kill her because she’d just put a big dent in his truck.

My vehicle was fine so this was no big deal.

But just remember, especially if you live in a city…

That carjackings have spiked and criminals love to rear-end people because they know almost everyone hops out of the car to assess the damage.

Obviously, also have a gun on you if you live in a place where you can legally carry concealed…

And grab our free Car Fighting DVD here that reveals vehicle defense tactics.

Carjackings and crime are not going away anytime soon…

So, be smart in your vehicle and think about what “con” someone may be pulling to get you to exit your vehicle so they can carjack you.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Former CIA Officer

Editor, Spy & Survival Briefing

Editor, Black Bag Confidential