9mm a great choice for self-defence (Personal Security Training)

The 9mm Luger, also known as the 9x19mm or 9mm Parabellum, is a popular calibre for handguns due to its versatility and effectiveness. When loaded with hollow point projectiles, the 9mm Luger offers an outstanding balance of power, penetration, capacity, and concealability.

One of the main benefits of the 9mm Luger is its power. The 9mm is considered a medium-power cartridge, falling between the smaller .380 ACP and larger .45 ACP. While it may not have the stopping power of a .45, the 9mm Luger can still deliver significant energy to the target. This makes it a suitable choice for self-defence and law enforcement use.

The 9mm Luger is also a good choice in terms of penetration. Hollow point projectiles are designed to expand upon impact, creating a more effective wound channel and increasing the likelihood of hitting vital organs. This can be especially effective in self-defence situations, as the added stopping power can help bring down an attacker more quickly.

In addition to its power and penetration, the 9mm Luger also offers a good balance of capacity and concealability. Many 9mm handguns have a higher magazine capacity than those chambered in other calibres, allowing the user to carry more rounds. This can be especially important in self-defence situations where multiple shots may be needed.

The 9mm Luger is also a popular choice for concealed carry due to the smaller size of many 9mm handguns. These smaller guns are easier to carry and conceal, making them a good choice for those who need to carry a handgun for personal protection.

Overall, the 9mm Luger loaded with hollow point projectiles offers an outstanding balance of power, penetration, capacity, and concealability. It is a versatile calibre that is suitable for a variety of applications, including self-defence and law enforcement use. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, a civilian looking for a self-defence handgun, or simply a gun enthusiast, the 9mm Luger is a solid choice that delivers good performance and reliability.

Never forget that the user is responsible for every round fired in self-defence. Always remember distance – penetration – and ricochet are considerations when choosing the proper self-defence round.