A Necessary Evil

Those black boots stomp through the streets

Of cities torn by war and heat They trample through the ashes and dust Leaving destruction and death in their wake, a must

Those black boots march on foreign soil Bringing democracy, or so they toil But at what cost? The lives of the brave In the name of national security, a grave

Those black boots once shone with pride But now they are stained red from the blood that has dried They represent the countless conflicts of the past A never-ending cycle that never seems to last

Those black boots on the feet of the elite Polished and perfect, so discreet But they’ll never understand the sacrifice Of those who fought and paid the price

Those black boots, a symbol of power A tool used to cower and devour But they will not conquer all For a new generation will stand tall

Those black boots are a reminder of the past But they will not dictate the future; at last A new generation will rise and fight To create a world that is fair and right- hmmm?

Those black boots teach a new generation the necessary evil on black-and-white film But we won’t repeat the mistakes of the past Will we create a future that will last forever.-right?