Art in the Albemarle Area April 2020

By Talmage Dunn

Welcome to April!! Spring in the air and art shows will be very prominent in our area, provided the social isolation time is over. This leads to the concepts of what can we do, as artists, to get through this isolation period and what others can do. Let’s begin with a list:

  1. Organize your materials, this will take more time than you think, especially if your art space is like mine. Declutter everything, organize your brushes (according to length, shapes, purpose, and which types of paints they will be used for.
  2. Organize your paints, oil, acrylic, watercolor, paint pens, etc,
  3. Place your canvases in order according to sizes and textures, and types for certain styles of painting.
  4. Clean all of your materials after your organization is complete.
  5. Organize your reference materials, such as, photos, ideas and concepts, sketches, future paintings.
  6. Make a list of new materials you want to pick up or order.
  7. Research concepts and painting styles you want to attempt, the internet is a great source for this.
  8. Learn what each brush and strokes in your arsenal of equipment will allow you to do.
  9. Paint, paint, and paint some more, prepare for opportunities to show your work.
  10. If you have always wanted to attempt getting into art activities, now is the prime time to make that attempt. It may relax your mind during this trying time for each of us.

I hope you will step foreword on your own journey into painting and creating your own artwork. Perhaps you are thinking that you need a little more formal instruction to get motivated. That is not necessarily true.I was researching the internet and there are a plethora of teaching classes that can aid you in getting started . When this isolation period is over, there are paint parties, kids art, birthday parties, and many more places. The studio 511 Art and Soul hosts its own art clubs. There are a myriad of supplies available and provided in order to get you started in painting. There are programs for mixed media, watercolors, acrylics, oils, and various art activities. Please visit the Studio facebook page for more information.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone 252-267-5437. Talmage Dunn, Artist.

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