Tradewinds Specials

Be ready for when business opens back up. The Tradewinds will be distributed the first week in May, so there is still time to be in the next edition. We have a new business special to help starting businesses and many other plans to help your business reach customers. We are a regional magazine and unlike other local advertising outlets that only reach a small area or are limited to one city or county only, we reach all the way from Chesapeake to Greenville. Our readers will travel for your product or service. Call Scott today at 252-312-2302 and let us help you expand your businesses reach.

Remember, Print is not dead! Just the old style Perry White type Newspaper business model is. Let us show you how print combined with social media and other advertising platforms can get your business out of one small area into the entire Northeastern North Carolina region and Chesapeake! We want your phone to ring, so let us help match your business to the customers who want your product or service .