Arts of the Albemarle Jan 2023

Ahhh one of my favorite times of the year, craft fairs in abundance, fall art shows, hunting season in full swing and crisp December air, time to be sitting in our favorite places downing a bit of eggnog or sitting in camp waiting for the time to rise and hunt!

Hunting season is halfway over. I hope you have had the opportunity to observe and possibly harvest a nice buck or doe. Now we can see if your scouting forays have or are paying off.

      After reading an article in the North Carolina Bowhunter Magazine, I was reminded that we have a nice base Wil herd in our state. Hopefully the herd will amplify and we will have a lottery to be able to hunt one of these magnificent creatures. If you have never seen an elk live take a trip to Cherokee and perhaps you will be able to sight one.

      This is a time of year here we give thanks and wish others a merry hunting season. Not too many things beat the joy of setting up camp for the hunt, especially in the wilder areas of our state. The tent or cabin is successfully primed, the campfire is blazing as we anticipate the next day’s hunt. Perhaps you will be fortunate to bag a game animal perhaps not, whether you do or don’t makes no difference you come back to good fiends (with possibly a bit of joking), a good meal and a time around the campfire.

      What. Are you planning to give the bowhunter(s) in your life this Christmas? Allow me to make a few suggestions:

            A new bow for the younger members of your family 

            A new sight system for your family members compound bow

            A new set of arrows with vanes for the compound bow and fletch (feathers) for the traditional hunter

            Perhaps a new bow for your traditional hunter

            A bow string making kit

            A arrow making kit

            A set of arrow fletching materials

            Sets of vanes or feathers (fletch)

            New bow strings

            3-D target(s)….. there are many to choose from

            Scent covering materials

            Hand warmers

            Tree stand or portable blind

            Quality set of binoculars 

            Camouflage neck gator 

            Camouflage clothing

            A nice Blaze Orange vest or hat

            A safety harness for climbing into a tree stand 

            If you are at a total loss of what to get your bow hunter, give him/her a gift certificate to their favorite sporting goods store

These were just a few suggestions for your bow hunter, I am sure there are many other gifts for bow hunters.

This a wonderful time of the year for most of us , family togetherness, good food, good cheer and love. Unfortunately, that is not the same for others. Please remember our men and women in the service of our country, our military providing our freedom, our first responders that keep us safe and have to work the holiday, our hospital workers and care givers. There are others that hav e no families, no place to eat, sleep or shelter. Help and aid those you can and pray for everyone. This is a time that I celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Again pray fo one another as I will for you.