Dr Crime Jan 2022

Dear Dr. Crime: I have some awful, but non-criminal, issues in my life. I think they could be handled if I had some legal or other professional help. Can you suggest something? Single and Pretty Lady

Dear Lady: Your description of your problems indicates a complex set of issues. I suggest you contact Legal Aid of North Carolina, a non-profit law firm that provides free civil services to low income citizens. They will address a wide range of topics, such as housing law, consumer law, public benefits, family law and more. Contact them at 866-219-5262, http://ww2.legalaidnc.org/apply/ or www.legalaidnc.org. If you wish to write, use PO Box 26087, Raleigh, NC27611. In addition, you may wish to call your religious leader, and if you do not have a personal contact with a church, I strongly urge you to make such contact today. Good luck and contact me again if you need further advice.

Dear Dr. Crime: If neighboring states, such as Virginia, legalize Pot, what should we do in North Carolina? What do we know about Pot, or Weed, or Mary Jane, or marijuana? Middle-aged White Male.

Dear Sir: We have discussed this issue previously, but as it carries such potentially powerful effects in several ways, I welcome the opportunity to address it. I urge you to not use it, nor allow your family members to use it, unless under the advice of a physician. Also, once you have reviewed the available information, make your position known to your political representatives. It appears to have originated in Asia, around 6,000 years ago or earlier. Discover magazine produced a review of information about Pot. They can be reached at 1-800-892-9132. I repeat my position, unless as a medical drug, do not use it.

Dear Dr. Crime. Is it true that the issues of race discrimination are almost all with the males and the females of all races get along OK? So much is said about race I don’t know what to believe. South African White Guy.

Dear Sir: I see that the YWCA has released a report about your question. Please review “We Still Deserve Safety: Renewing the Call to End the Criminalization of Women and Girls of Color.” YWCA USA report 09/15/2020 and “YWCA USA releases We Still Deserve Safety: Renewing the call to end the criminalization of women and girls of color report.” (YWCA USA press release 09/15/2020). Also, there is evidence beyond race that females have a long history of harmful discrimination. A book, released in 2020, excellently reviews the scientific research on gender, and as I have emphasized previously, concluded “…it is females who have evolved to be the better half, genetically speaking” . Read “The Better Half: on the genetic superiority of women” by Sharon Moalem (2020). We have discussed this previously and that issue generated a substantial response.

Dear Dr. Crime: I pay my tax and hate to see it spent on those bums who do crimes, especially the kid-crooks. Why do that?? TaxPayer

Dear TaxPayer: You and I, among many others, benefit from correctional programs, especially those for the delinquents. Superb research in a Northern state concluded “… evidence-based services and practices in juvenile justice offer the potential—when implemented effectively—to improve public safety and generate positive health and labor outcomes for participants and taxpayers. Moreover, decreased correctional contact can have positive impacts on the educational attainment, substance use, mental health, and the general well-being of Minnesota families.” I will be in touch with the researchers and devote a column to “What Works?” In addition, I will send a copy of their report to our NC politicians and applied criminologists.