Forgotten Legends Series: Lt. Colonel Francois D’Eliscu


Francois D’Eliscu was a hand-to-hand combat trainer during World War II. He was known for his expertise in close-quarters combat and his ability to teach soldiers effective fighting techniques that could be used in battle.

D’Eliscu was born in France and learned martial arts and self-defence techniques. He joined the French military and eventually rose to become a high-ranking officer. During World War II, he was recruited to train soldiers in hand-to-hand combat, as it was recognized that this type of fighting would be crucial in the close quarters of trench warfare.

D’Eliscu was known for his rigorous training methods, which focused on practical techniques that could be quickly learned and used in the field. He believed in the importance of physical conditioning and mental preparedness, and he worked to instill these values in his students.

D’Eliscu’s training program was highly effective, and he became well-respected among the soldiers he trained. He taught them various techniques, including boxing, wrestling, and judo, and emphasized the importance of using weapons and improvised tools in hand-to-hand combat.

Throughout his career, D’Eliscu continued to refine and develop his training program, and he became a respected authority on hand-to-hand combat. He travelled widely, teaching soldiers and civilians alike, and his techniques became widely known and respected throughout the military community.

Despite his success, D’Eliscu remained humble and dedicated to his craft. He believed that hand-to-hand combat was necessary for anyone who wanted to be prepared for the dangers of war, and he worked tirelessly to ensure that his students were as well-trained as possible.

Today, D’Eliscu is remembered as a pioneering hand-to-hand combat trainer and a respected authority on close-quarters combat. His contributions to the field continue to be recognized and respected by martial artists and military personnel worldwide.