Gun Magnets – not what you think? from Jason Hanson




I’m sure you’ve seen gun magnets…


Put simply, these are the extra-strong magnets that can hold a gun.


You can mount these magnets any place you want for quick access to a gun.


For instance, you can mount them to a desk or to a nightstand.


I love these magnets and think they are a good idea, but I never use these magnets for holding a gun.


Why not?


Well, one word.




Since I’ve got young kids in my home, all my guns are locked up in safes.


I obviously can’t have a gun just sitting there out in the open.


However, I know plenty of folks who don’t have kids in the home who use these gun magnets.


So, even though I don’t use them for guns, I use them for something else…




This is a great way to have quick access to knives all over the house.


For example, a Special Forces buddy mounts a magnet holding a knife directly above his front door.


Actually, he does this for every door in his house, so he can quickly grab a knife during some type of home invasion.


And as a considerable knife fan myself, perhaps I do this too.  


Perhaps later today, I’ll be mounting the knife you see below in a new location…

What it all comes down to is this…


It’s always a good idea to have weapons around your home that you can access quickly.


Home invasions happen fast.


It’s improbable the criminal is going to call your cell phone and say…


“I just wanted to give you a heads up. In 45 minutes, a friend and I are going to come and kick down your front door. See you soon.”


Nope, that’s not how life works, so make sure you’re truly prepared.

Stay safe,


Jason Hanson


Former CIA Officer


Editor, Spy & Survival Briefing


Editor, Black Bag Confidential