Habitat for Humanity March 2023

Probably the most recognizable Habitat for Humanity volunteers are Jimmy and Rosalind Carter. Many people assume that they started Habitat but they didn’t start working with Habitat until 1984, nearly 20 years after the organization’s founding.

Carter heard about the work that Habitat was doing in Americus, Ga. From people in his Sunday school class and decided to find out more about the organization. In 1984, he worked on his first Habitat site in Americus. The following year, he and Rosalind joined other volunteers for the first Carter Work Project in New York.

Since that time, the Carters have traveled across the world with Habitat to build, renovate and repair 4390 homes in 14 countries. Their last project was in Nashville, Tn in 2019.

The Carters inspired many people to volunteer to build homes. Over the years, they have worked with more than 104,000 volunteers.

Elizabeth City Habitat for Humanity is looking for individuals and businesses to help with our upcoming build and repair projects. In addition to our upcoming new home construction project, we also need volunteers to help with our senior repair program. Also coming this year will be opportunities to assist low-income veterans in our community.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Jane Elfring, jelfri@bellatlantic.net.