It’s been a minute since we last met, so let’s refresh the relationship. The column’s original title was “Health & Nutrition Strategies for Cancer Survivors” .

The column evolved from the American Cancer Society’s, Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group. The publishers of the Tradewinds graciously suggested that I write the column to inform the support group of our upcoming schedule, and to recap our meetings. Shortly thereafter, the ACS discontinued their sponsorship but we were able to continue the group with the help of the Tradewinds.

My background is that of a food safety expert that’s a cancer survivor and an Octogenarian.. My Oncologist (The Johns Hopkins-Sidney Kimmel Clinic) and the ACS were major contributors to the column. As readership increased, we expanded the column to include Cancer survivors and “everybody else”, themed around healthy food and food as medicine.

With that out of the way, last get down to the business of what’s in your diet. Over the last few decades the United States has went from a major food exporter to a major importer. I informed the readership of the congressional lawmakers decision to rescind the country of origin labeling (COOL) on imported meat and poultry products. The data from that action has not been published nor adequately explained.

That,said, the plant-based meat and poultry industry has picked up dramatically. I believe that if plant-based foods are introduced at grade school levels, they would increase market share.

My primary focus was to increase the use of homegrown produce. With the help of then State Congressmen Bob Steinburg, we successfully lobbied for Agribusiness courses at the College of the Albemarle campuses. We should be seeing the benefits of the Agribusiness initiative in the near future.

I’m currently researching an article published by the NIH. The article suggest that dehydration causes a shortened lifespan ,promotes degenerative changes and a shortened lifespan.

Google NIH Dehydration for more information.

So until the next time, remember Food Is Medicine and hydration is absolutely critical to your health and well being.