Staying mobile as we age


Several days ago, the kids wanted to go sledding.

So, we took them over to a decent-sized hill at one of the local high schools.

One of the sleds we have is like a snowboard.

It is not a real snowboard but a cheap, plastic sled that can stand up in the middle.

Kids kept begging to go down the hill on it.

This writer kept telling them no. It was not a good idea, and probably be injured.

However, as time wore on, starting thinking, “I could nail this request and make it down the hill without falling off.”

So, when the kids asked again, oh, “why not.”

Hopping on the snowboard and started cruising down the hill.

About halfway down, the sled turned a bit and flying off, landing hard on the back.

It was landing so hard that it almost knocked the wind out of the old lungs.

Shortly after the brilliant sledding excursion, the sciatic nerve started acting out.

A ton of pain was going all the way down the left leg.

Stubbornly, putting off going to the doctor until it got so bad that the wife insisted on going to the chiropractor.

The chiropractor said it is a “twisted pelvis” (whatever that means.)

The pain was still lingering, and the decision to go to a massage therapist was in the forecast.

Now, while exactly a massage type of guy.

Stepping into a spa, massage was not part of the lifestyle.

When the wife and this writer went to resorts, she gets the message, and this writer would do something else.

I do not think twice about dropping a bunch of money on a quality AR-15-

Nevertheless, I will not pay $160 to get a massage, and I tell my wife I do not want to know the total cost of hers when she is finished.

I did end up going to the massage therapist, which is certainly not a pleasant and relaxing massage.

Get this-

During the massage, this woman puts me in extreme pain and can see the grimace on my face.

She says to me, “I am glad you are not a butterfly.”

I said, “huh?”

She says, “I am glad you can handle the pain. I call the guys I work on who cannot handle the pain and are not tough, butterflies.”

Well, I guess it is good to know I am not a “butterfly.”

However, I am still in a heck of much pain, and I will be going back for more to get me fixed up.

Of course, I am still hobbling around and am not very mobile right now.

Furthermore, this is on my mind since there is no way I am making a fast escape if someone tried to attack me.

However, it’s also why I always train for the worst-case scenario where I will not getaway.

You must be fast and deadly in a self-defence situation if you are not mobile enough to flee.

Sure, Escaping is the ideal, but it is not always possible.

As I told a 74-year-old fellow who wrote to me recently-

Be fast and deadly because the longer you are in the fight, the longer your attacker has a chance to do damage to you.

Now I’m off to ice my “twisted pelvis.”